Saturday, May 8, 2010

So Call "MUET"...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Biology experiment

I dunno what to say about this...

Belated Birthdays

I'll cut to the chase. So, like always we celebrate people's birthday after the actual day. Only this time, it was delayed for a month. Hey, it's the thought that counts right? See their happy faces? XD

Kudos to Yean for making the cards. Our very own photoshop genius. Which one do you like better? And now, let's take a glimpse of the present we got them...


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Saturday, February 6, 2010

SSSS Sports day 2010

The school sports day on 5@6 Feb 2010
All the form 6 students became the juri-juri and pegwai-pegawai of the sports event.
So , we all worked with those teachers. Although it was said to work with teacher but in fact some of us need to become "ah sei" n ordered by those teacher to do this and do that. Haiz .... why this happen ? Is that we were the students so we can't do the pegawai's job although we were called " pegwai" ...... Loh Wan Chean is the person who sacrified the most among the form 6 students. He helped in balapan work , although it was raining but he still wanted to carry through firmly until the end. How good he is. But , today he was falling sick. Let us pray for him n hopefully he will get well soon! Chua n Yean would like to say thank you and sorry to Jac. She got small injured bcs of us. Although she is alright now but we still feel guilty abt this incident.

the most important incident that i want to mention is the "Pertandingan Perbarisan" The result really OMG ...... PLs refer to the photos below........ Girls Brigade got the 1st whereas Bulan Sabit Merah got the 5th. The blind one also know who is the best lar come BSMM cant got the 1st ..... BSMM members ...pls do not be disappointed with the result. This is not your fault. It was the fault of thos jugdes ..they all blind liao !!! sorry to GB , im not talking bad abt your team but just saying the truth , K!

BSMM... You all are the BEST !!!

Ms Chong , pls dun run away bah ! U still need to do ur work de !

Ms Wong's tomboy look!

haha !! Ms Chong takut the " Bang bang " sound!
Ms Chang. Her strange look during sports days ... She can run so fast u noe ? She participated in the acara sukan guru .... wah ...not gao xiao 1 , she able to run so fast n helped Rajawali got the 1st prize oh !

BSMM members on-duty ......

weih ...concentrate bah ..still playing handphone lagi !

the two person beside Sam .... muk lui or working ?

Vui ket , y u sleep at there .....? U like to sleep under sunlight ?
Nah, Chua n Yean were sitting here relax one , nothing to do de! That's why Yean able to capture so many funny pics !

Pn Grace ... u gatal ka ? y u put ur hand at thr ?
Chua n yean talk bad about tis couple ...... bcs they looked like carry on a clandestine love affair(tou qing) at the centre of the field thr
P/S: hey, gals . i cant capture photos of you ..bcs u guys really stand so far away frm my location ..hopefully xoxo got helped u take bah !!!